Hello world!

Finally started!

This being my first post, you may want to know what this blog is all about.  Please read about it here.

About Kwaku Dankwa

By day, I'm an advertising copywriter. That's what I've done all my working life (National Service doesn't count). Husband of Esther, father of Jesse and twin boys Mark and Andrew, and servant of Christ. I previously wrote a blog on the dramatic side of public transport in Accra, "The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge." Enjoy.
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9 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Dee Kaye says:

    Ah FINALLY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i’m going to follow suit soon.
    I will be visiting this page frequently so I hope to be seeing lots of good write ups going up fast!
    This is it. This is the edge of your dream. Grab it and make it happen!!!!

  2. naa k. says:

    congrats!!! impressive.
    good writing too.
    wat u said is really true, especially bout the fact that there’s a story with each ride, not pleasant at the time but something to laugh about later.

    looking forward to next write up

  3. KSS says:

    Interesting reading Kwaku. Sat i a trotro where husband and wife were literally throwing blows at each other cos the woman claimed the man was cheating. Interesting stuff on the trotro. Keep up the writing.

  4. baaba nunoo says:

    charlie, great, interesting writing. you know, a trotro experience spilled out a young lady’s husband’s extra marital affairs being shared with a friend. the entire trotro became a counseling department as all shared their thoughts on the matter.

  5. odasani says:

    Kwaku (Asomasi), well done………thumbs up for the good and hilarious piece you have assembled together. As for the trotro wahala……just wait until you get into one that plies along the coastal areas with your well ironed perfumed shirt…(gentleman)…..hahahaha…..you will come out with a different perfume on you…..fish ”lo-shala” as the Ga’s will call it with a nice hole in your trouser.

    keep up the writing, bro.!!!!!!

    • Kwaku Dankwa says:

      Coastal area trotros, eh? Hmmm. I’m yet to try that one oo… But the fish smell, walahi, that one I know about it. Thank God I don’t encounter that one daily. I’d have been forced to take dropping everyday. The hole would then be in my pocket!

  6. nallie says:


    Talk of the things u come across by chance. This is one of them. Have I any regrets? Absolutely not!

    I’m a total stranger (maybe. but most likely I’m the friend of a friend of a friend), and i chanced upon ur blog thru facebook…out of curiosity i decided to explore it, cos i love reading…and writing. and trust me, am lovin’ it here!!! Permit me a smiley here 🙂

    Thousands of trotro stories to be told, yet we hav no choice but to DEAL with these street monsters whose chauffeurs and their able assistants often go about their business shoulder-high making every effort to remind their “clients” that: “This is our OFFICE. You can’t do us ‘foco’ ”

    It’s been an amazing experience knowing that the sentiments I silently express daily r shared by the next person, and of course many others. Feels great.

    i love ur writing style n i appreciate the perfect blend of ur sincerity with ur ingenuity. Keep up the great work!

    Naa L-O. Adamafio

    P.S. I myt hav made some “comment” that exceeded a decent word-limit. i apologize once more!

    • Kwaku Dankwa says:

      Welcome aboard my trotro, Nallie! You never know, maybe we’ve met before. Friend of a friend of a friend …

      Believe me, there are thousands of trotro stories to tell before you’ll repeat them. And since I don’t have a car, I guess I’m the one who has to fish ’em out and give y’all a good time. I’ll do the writing if you’ll do the reading.

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