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If at first you don’t succeed…

Once again, we have our own darling, Enyima, guest commuting from the beautiful side of East London. She’s quite gifted, I must add. I like to say she’s an important person in the financial community within The Square Mile. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Two years of blogging!

It was a slow day at work exactly two years ago when I decided that I’d procrastinated enough. The sights and sounds of trotro and taxi rides, the quirky happenings on the streets of Accra, and the unique Ghanaisms I … Continue reading


The joys of death

Walking along my road to join the fray of commuters every morning can get quite monotonous. It’s always the same scenery, apart from the occasional new kiosk that sprang up overnight to house the latest busload of squatters. Or a … Continue reading

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A trained eye in Dubai

Our guest commuter for today is Tosin Osunlaja. Again. Now, she’s living it up. Not long after adapting to her new life of helicopters and spending days at sea as a petroleum engineer off the coast of Nigeria, she’s been … Continue reading

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