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Angels on the highway

“Taller, why, you want to sleep here, eh?” How irritating. I can’t stand being called “Taller”. It’s probably as bad as when the generic name back in primary school was “Small”. Just as quickly as he came, this man was … Continue reading

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Political Talk

You would have to be psychic or one lucky gambler to predict that what started out as a boring routine ride, inching our way through Accra’s morning rush hour traffic, would degenerate into an outpouring of pain, and suppressed laughter. … Continue reading

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Don’t bank on it

It’s interesting to look back and see how much things have changed along my route. For instance, I remember when the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange was a sprawling circle, reputed to be the biggest in West Africa – thus explaining why … Continue reading

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The fight for fareness

First, the dreaded news: fuel prices have gone up. That thought made each step towards Bridge a little more difficult than the last. Of course, the newspapers reported that fares would increase by the not-so-round figure of 18%. Past experiences … Continue reading

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Where did everyone go?

It felt like a dream. Through the blur, I could make out a sea of people rushing towards me in slow motion. My eyes slowly closed, leaving me powerless to do anything to repel the relentless attack. Then the bang. … Continue reading

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