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Even taxis can be a roller coaster

Occasionally, the will to fight vanishes into thin air. With one look at the multitude gathered, like they’re waiting for the five loaves and two fish to be multiplied again, I started looking over them for the nearest taxi. Yes, … Continue reading

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Wonsi mpia! (Get down and push!)

There I was, stranded at the side of the road at Golokwati. Mind you, this is a long way from Bridge, or Ridge, for that matter. The bonnet of the old Toyota Land Cruiser I was sitting in only 30 … Continue reading

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“Driver, change the station!”

Saturday 3rd July. So many questions. Each started with “What if”. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Jabulani crashing off the crossbar. Usually, the pain of defeat doesn’t hit me till the morning after, and when it does, … Continue reading

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