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Accra Radiology

There was an immovable suggestion that I was in for an unforgettable experience that lasted till I got off at Ridge. There wasn’t any chance that I’d be able to tuck my feet under the seat. A good number of … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I have a bad (?) habit of falling asleep on my way home. After all, Bridge is just a few hundred metres from my last stop. Many a time, I’ve been shaken awake, a scowl on the dream killer’s face, … Continue reading

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Getting seated

Wars in the past involved both armies charging at each other, there would be a massive clang of blades and a cloud of dust would be kicked up. When all settled, there would be many lying on the ground wounded. … Continue reading

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Lost and found out

It had been a hard fight. Anyone who was able to get into the trotro deserved a medal. All the tricks had been used, from grabbing the front door handle while the car was still in motion to climbing through … Continue reading

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Embassy Pleasure

When the means of transport – usually trotro, of course – has no radio, the barest minimum for  a little entertainment on the way to work, I resort to looking around at the same route I’ve taken almost every working … Continue reading

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