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…and yet, we are eerily similar

Since the last time I let Enyima on here, I’ve received incessant requests for her to have an encore. For the sake of my sanity, here she is again with her own rib-cracking take on the commute in the UK, … Continue reading

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The boys in blue

I noticed him from a distance: a bull of a man in neat short sleeves and starched khakis. He had a thick head and a square jaw, a barrel for a chest and tree trunks for arms. His impatience was … Continue reading

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Things fall apart

There was a spring in my step as I walked briskly towards the Kwame Nkrumah Circle station. The cool evening air in my face was soothing. I was lost in random thought, making me forget that I wore the weight … Continue reading

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The music of the city

So here I was, hardly rested from the weekend’s exertions and caught in the belly of the traffic jam that snaked its way from Opeibea House to Ridge one nasty Monday morning. It was hot and humid, thanks to the … Continue reading

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One gallon

Late one cold Tuesday, instead of taking us straight home, the trotro driver swerved right at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, past the Ghana Commercial Bank building. Was he beating traffic? I’d never seen anyone do it like this before. With … Continue reading

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