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The (Real) Accra Mall

I stared out of my window, bored out of my mind. No magazine, no book, no games on my phone. A cry in the distance broke the silence. “Yeess, tie, tie, tie!” I had just started working and had come … Continue reading

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Read this post I did as a guest blogger on

Right, so regulars on this blog know that I write strictly on matters pertaining to public transport and getting around in Accra. However, I had the opportunity to write a post on what’s arguably Ghana’s most read blog, written by … Continue reading


It’s raining, it’s pouring, I should be home snoring

One rather tired headline appears in the papers every year without fail: “The Rains Are Here Again”. Sometimes, it’s on an editorial, sometimes on the front page above pictures of chamber pots, fridges and lotto kiosks floating gently in the … Continue reading

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