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A deathly business

By some stroke of ill-luck, I wasn’t on my regular public transport route on the evening of 24th July, 2012. I wasn’t on any public transport route at all! I wondered what kind of conversation was going on within individual … Continue reading

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A watered down pain in the gut

There’s something about trotro drivers. They can’t bear sitting in traffic for even the shortest time. The car stops and the driver slouches into his seat on his left elbow, with a kiss of the teeth and a frown on … Continue reading

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The joys of death

Walking along my road to join the fray of commuters every morning can get quite monotonous. It’s always the same scenery, apart from the occasional new kiosk that sprang up overnight to house the latest busload of squatters. Or a … Continue reading

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This is a man’s world

I’d choose a direct trotro from Bridge to Ridge any day. Unfortunately, Accra-bound trotros are not as plentiful as I wish they were. That means, more often than not, that I have to take one going to Circle, drop off … Continue reading

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Bag a bargain

Fashionista. That’s the one word that comes to mind when thinking about Dodzi Anku, our guest commuter for today. Maybe living in both Singapore and Canada at two different times of her life had something to do with it. We’ve … Continue reading

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Easy money

Most mornings, I meet just about the same squatters sitting outside their uncompleted buildings, shirts unbuttoned or draped over their bare chests.  A few vigorously scrub away with chewing sticks of various lengths. The routine is the same: a smile, … Continue reading


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Makin’ a quick buck

The multitude at Bridge waiting for a ride to work – or wherever it is they were going – was impossible, and rightly so. I didn’t expect to be the only one waiting for an Accra-bound trotro after oversleeping by … Continue reading

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The fight for fareness

First, the dreaded news: fuel prices have gone up. That thought made each step towards Bridge a little more difficult than the last. Of course, the newspapers reported that fares would increase by the not-so-round figure of 18%. Past experiences … Continue reading

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What’s cookin’?

We had been stuck around Emmanuel Eye Clinic way too long when from behind two or three cars a lady came rushing up to the driver. On her head was a tray of local ready-to-eat food. With the precision of … Continue reading

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Onipa nua ne nnipa (We’re all one)

I patted both pockets hysterically, probably expecting a miracle with each tap. While getting aboard my phone had ‘slipped’ out of my pocket, never to be seen again. Frantically, I pleaded with the man to my right to dial my … Continue reading

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