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Order in chaos

A gust of wind lashed my bare face early one morning as I made the short walk from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital bus stop to my office. Angry thunderclouds were quickly assembling high above my head. As usual, I had … Continue reading

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Let there be light

Late one night, a work colleague dropped me off at the Accra Mall, from where I’d have to negotiate the last leg of my commute back home. I’d done it many times. Since the journey is too short to get … Continue reading

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The war of the plates

I’ll admit, I wasn’t very fond of him from the start. It was dislike at first sight. He spoke roughly to everyone, and though it was his right, he asked a frail old lady to get down when she had … Continue reading

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After 9 on the DC Express

American Independence Day and we have another guest commuter up here. No matter how hard I tried, I could never win a prize for English in Ridge Church School … all of them being female. My earliest memory of Abimbola … Continue reading

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