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Hasn’t it been a year of great commuting!

Who would’ve thought that when I wrote my first post on The Daily Commute exactly 365 days ago, it would still be running? In all honesty, I started with only about eight ideas in mind, and just kept my eyes … Continue reading


It is written …

Today, we have a second guest commuter, as I promised there would be in this anniversary month. She happens to be Sharlon, my friend who spends her days in her bank job. Sharlon loves the theatre and has decided to … Continue reading

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Round One, Fight!

It was all so sudden. The tiny lady next to me had unleashed a barrage of insults on the woman behind us. Raw hatred poured out of her as she swore hell the next time they met at Shiashie. She … Continue reading

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Every Country Has Its Own Kind of Crazy

Just as I promised in this anniversary month, we have another guest commuter today, my really good friend, Enyima. Enyima has escaped the wahala of Accra and exchanged it for the wintry bliss of the UK, where she’s lived and … Continue reading

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It’s anniversary month!

Time flies faster than an undisciplined trotro driver. This is my first ever Tuesday post, but it’s for good reason. Today being March 1st, The Daily Commute enters its 12th month. It’s been quite a ride. All the drama, all … Continue reading