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Riding with Metro Mass Transit Ltd

My frustration levels rose with every tick of the second hand on my watch. 7:45 in the morning and I was almost soaked. My feet were on fire and I was tired from holding on for dear life. Grasping the … Continue reading

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No post today

Dear readers, In honour of my friend, Lordson Morkporkpor Drah, there won’t be a post this week. Over the weekend, he finished his commute at the home station, where he was met on arrival by Jesus, whom he loved and … Continue reading


Do you itch when you bath?

Bus routes have their own unique cultures. On some, like mine, getting in is a fierce battle, where you have to pit yourself against a hoard of desperados who have tossed manners and politeness to the dogs. I’ve seen heads … Continue reading

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Public transport in Cape Town

I briskly walked past a row of smokers outside Nando’s on Long Street. Only a week earlier, I would have had my jacket zipped up to my neck and my hands stuck firmly in my pockets because of the cold. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Long Street. Hello, Tema Station.

My brow creased in frustration as I looked at my wrist again. Only the movement of the second hand confirmed that my watch was still working. Standing in line at Tema Station for over thirty minutes, it didn’t look like … Continue reading

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