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What’s cookin’?

We had been stuck around Emmanuel Eye Clinic way too long when from behind two or three cars a lady came rushing up to the driver. On her head was a tray of local ready-to-eat food. With the precision of … Continue reading

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Extra extra! Read all about it!

Every morning, my route takes me past the mini-station at 37. Usually, it’s a chaotic mess caused by drivers selfishly blocking the entrance. There are also opportunistic cabbies ready to make a killing off a commuter who must have overslept … Continue reading

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Onipa nua ne nnipa (We’re all one)

I patted both pockets hysterically, probably expecting a miracle with each tap. While getting aboard my phone had ‘slipped’ out of my pocket, never to be seen again. Frantically, I pleaded with the man to my right to dial my … Continue reading

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“Thus saith the Lord…”

My phone was ringing in my pocket. Crammed in, I groaned over my call that I was certainly going to miss. The lady beside me was understanding and endured the seemingly endless vibration. High and mighty on the backseat of … Continue reading

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