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This is a man’s world

I’d choose a direct trotro from Bridge to Ridge any day. Unfortunately, Accra-bound trotros are not as plentiful as I wish they were. That means, more often than not, that I have to take one going to Circle, drop off … Continue reading

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Just get me home in one piece

It was nearly 9pm. The line hadn’t moved in a long while. The route home may be different, but it’s the same story in principle. Where crowds are ready to claw each other’s eyes out in the mornings, the Kwame … Continue reading

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Ajana one, Ajana two

Holidays mean waakye and walking around the house gloriously doing nothing. Unfortunately, not this time. I had to meet a friend at Rawlings Park, right in the heart of the chaotic Central Business District. I’ve never enjoyed the busyness of … Continue reading

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