It’s anniversary month!

Time flies faster than an undisciplined trotro driver.

This is my first ever Tuesday post, but it’s for good reason. Today being March 1st, The Daily Commute enters its 12th month. It’s been quite a ride. All the drama, all the hassle and all the stress of commuting in Accra has all been worth it, looking out for new things to write about, and bringing real commuter stories right onto the screen of your computer. What started out as a bi-monthly became a weekly, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

In this anniversary month, I’m excited to be sharing this platform with two exciting guest commuters. This is just a small token to my readers, to give the opportunity for others to give their side of the story. You’ll love them.

Thank you for doing the reading. And thank you for spreading the word. If you’ve enjoyed these posts, why don’t you read your favourites again? Just click the links (months or categories) at the side and read. Share on your Facebook wall or click any of the buttons below.

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Get on board for another great year on The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge!

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About Kwaku Dankwa

By day, I'm an advertising copywriter. That's what I've done all my working life (National Service doesn't count). Husband of Esther, father of Jesse and twin boys Mark and Andrew, and servant of Christ. I previously wrote a blog on the dramatic side of public transport in Accra, "The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge." Enjoy.
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9 Responses to It’s anniversary month!

  1. abyss says:

    Happy Anniversary Month!
    I love reading about your commute in trotro; as a trotro passenger myself, i appreciate the fun you find in the sometimes annoying events that take place in a trotro

  2. Maab says:

    Thank you Asomasi for giving us things to laugh about for a whole year!!! In so doing you have made us wiser, wittier and more daring to look again and discover that there is a lighter side to every happening no matter how sordid to begin with. Congratulations! More grease to your elbow!! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    • Kwaku Dankwa says:

      Thank you, Maab! Thank you very much. I’ve gotta admit, though, not all the light stuff seems light at the time. I guess it’s only when we look back at a situation that we see the humour in it. I wonder if it’s possible to see the humour at that time …

  3. Ama says:

    Congratulations, and may you achieve higher heights of writing in the next 12 months!

  4. Marian says:

    Kwaku, i want to believe its been a good year with all the ingenuity. I keep saying it you are a genius, keep us laughing and to see the silver lining in the clouds always. Congrats

  5. Sis says:

    Congrats for all the funny and witty posts. A year already? How time flies!

  6. Jeous Kwasi Ariva Mendes says:

    Uve been fantastic through out. Ure expressions have refused to tone down their wits and humour.. Uve been one of a kind… Well done, and thanx for giving me these great tales to feast on…. For da record, ure goin even higher and gettin even better…

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