Read this post I did as a guest blogger on

Right, so regulars on this blog know that I write strictly on matters pertaining to public transport and getting around in Accra.

However, I had the opportunity to write a post on what’s arguably Ghana’s most read blog, written by Esi Cleland. It’s called What Yo’ Mamma Never Told You About Ghana.

My topic, Homoing in Ghanaian secondary schools.

So please, read and enjoy it, and relive some good old SS stories.

The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge comes with another  commuting tale next week. And just like all the others, something you’ve lived through … only this time, you get to laugh about it.


About Kwaku Dankwa

By day, I'm an advertising copywriter. That's what I've done all my working life (National Service doesn't count). Husband of Esther, father of Jesse and twin boys Mark and Andrew, and servant of Christ. I previously wrote a blog on the dramatic side of public transport in Accra, "The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge." Enjoy.
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2 Responses to Read this post I did as a guest blogger on

  1. Ama says:

    Odehye ba …!!!!! mdfskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Ghanawoman says:

    My stomach churned when this post reminded me of all that I hated about boarding school…but which oddly, I’d like my children to experience! I’m not sure what that makes me but oh well…thanks for the memories, however bizarre!

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